In One Month...


In One Month....

 We clean at least 973 litter boxes on
 a scheduled basis, more when needed,
 but never less.
We trim 522 nails.
We serve over 2,000 meals.
We also wash over 2,000 food bowls

We give out 243 liquid medicines.
We administer at least 1,369 pills to
the group.
We use 32 portions of B-12.
We weigh and record 48 to 50 weights.
We use over 1200 ml of SQ fluids.
We go through 8 - 10 large bags of
Life Essentials Freeze Dried Chicken 
from Cat-Man-Doo .

We use, at minimum, 425 lbs. of litter. 
We give over 100 insulin shots

We go through over 400 cans of food.
We administer over 240 "puffs" of
 inhalers for Asthma/Bronchitis.

We receive a minimum of 18,378 
cuddles, head bumps and purrs.

And we give out at least 19,811
scratches, hugs and
kisses as well.....